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Building custom classic cars / Budowa nowych-klasycznych Mercedesów

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AMG engines swap specialists

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We have the 'know how', experience, customer approach.

Check out our latest production - zobacz nasze zbudowane projekty:

Mercedes w107 SLC with M119 engine from w210 e50 AMG with automatic gearbox.

Mercedes w107 SLC with M113 engine from w220 S55 AMG

Mercedes w111 Coupe with M104 engine from w124 E320

Mercedes w107 SLC with M117 engine from 560SL

Mercedes w124 Coupe with M111 engine from SLK 230 Kompressor

Our philosophy changed throughout the years. We grown up from concentrating on the oryginal parts extremism. We now concentrate on what is important in our opinion. When you spend a lot of time and money on your classic car - yountimer - have fun out of it - not only by having it in the garage but by using it on a daily basis with comfort. Enjoy new airconditioning, ASR, ABS, good steering and more power under the bonnet. Create. Paint your yountimer the color you like, have interior as you like. That classic car is you property - not the national treasure.

We know how to get rid of rust, how to have new leather seats and new vinyl dashboard and center console with new wood on it. Everyting in reasonalble prices.

International enqiries: +48 535 599 200 or from Poland: +48 602 416 200

We speak also some German but preferably English. Our work we do in north Poland (Gdansk).

Sample of our work:


w111 engine swap
Tor w124 Kompresor 280KM Drift w124 KOmpresor w124 Kompresor
560SLC w107 560SLC

Targi w Essen 2015 - na zakupach części do w107 i w111 oraz 2016 z prezentacją naszego w107 SLC AMG na Targach.

The first car has been presented in Essen on The 2016 Technoclassica Classic cars fair.

We specialize in sales of new spare parts to w107 and it's general renovation.





w107 AMG

We just finished the new project. White SLC. A 4.5 litre engine is out and is changed onto the M113 S55 AMG. For a client from Norway.


Now it looks like this:



RAMG107 Sp. z o.o.,: 80-126 Gdańsk, ul. Piekarnicza 26/1, tel. kom. +48 602 416 200, e-mail: robert@racc.com.pl